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2020 Northern Titans 'Tour of the Unis'

February 2020 saw Northern Titans tour the north to take on some of the best university teams around and the matches did not disappoint.


Our first stop came in the form of a Tuesday Night trip to Newcastle, to take on Northumbria 1s at Sports Central. The location of former Superleague franchise Team Northumbria, lived up to all exceptions with beautiful courts, pristine nets and our first real 'crowd' watching from the stands.

Leeds Beckett

Our second match in this series was a little closer to home, visiting Leeds Beckett 1s/2s training for a cracking match. 6 x 10 minute quarters allowed both sides try out many combinations and take the game 48-32.

Assistant Coach Taryn Moss took over the reigns for the match and said:


"Last night was tough. Leeds Beckett played strong and fast and their shooting was outstanding. Our goal was to keep our own pace and maintain our centres putting trust in our defensive play to be successful with rebounds and turnovers. We have gained new members to the team over the last 6 months and so are still in a position where we need to train more together and become more familiar with each other.

There was lots of positive play noted in last night's game but our passing let us down throughout so this will be something we can learn from and work on in training. Overall we got the win which is really important for everyone's confidence and now we need to move forward and continue to build on what we've been working hard on in training."

University of Nottingham

What became our final stop on this tour (due to COVID-19) was a trip slightly south and to the seriously impressive David Ross Sports Village, for a late night fixture against Uni of Nottingham 1s. After a strong 1st quarter performance by Nottingham, Titans lost the first quarter 12 - 10. But we came back strong to take the lead and secure a win 52-32.

We can't thank the players and coaches of Northumbria, Leeds Beckett and Nottingham enough - for their kindness in playing us, the competition they offered and amazing venues they provided. Special thanks to Jade Featherstone, Francine Hall, Catherine Taylor and Lyn Winkworth for organising the fixtures. We hope to see them on court again soon.

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