• Declan Kohl

NT1 vs Knights 2 - First UK Men's Netball Exhibition Game

So you wanted a showcase of men’s netball?! Well that’s what these two teams gave you in abundance! The heart and drive from both teams was incredible and oh.... what a game!!!

Three months ago when we scheduled the Knights second squad (K2) to play Northern Titans first team. Little did we know how evenly matched these two sides would be.

The tale of four quarters: Q1: Both teams started well, keeping the scores tight, at the end of the quarter though Titans came on strong and with a late push ended it 3 points up. Q2: A huge quarter for Titans, showing some great ability and real promise for men’s netball in the North of England. They dominate the quarter and finished deservedly 10 points up! Q3: The tables turned dramatically, K2 roared back into the game. Some incredible turnovers and slick passing through to goal saw them swing the momentum back in our favour. The crowd went wild, K2 finish the quarter just one point down! Q4: The crowd are dialed up to 11, fever pitch had been reached. K2 have the edge and push on but Titans show real grit and drag themselves back into the game. K2 have opportunities to seal the deal right at the death with the final shots of regular time but alas the clock ticks down and the game is balanced on a knife edge in a tie!!! Overtime: Well who was predicting this?! 5 mins of overtime ensued, both teams played cagey games but a last minute turnover gave Titans the edge and they finished victorious 43-42. Massive congratulations to them!

Knights General Manager Lewis Keeling said "I like to think of myself as quite a positive person and in my reports I use a good amount of superlative, however I’m telling you that today was one of the most exciting games of netball I have ever seen... period (and I watch a tonne of netball!!). Don’t take my word for it though, speak to the fantastic crowd who turned out in great numbers (especially given the current global crisis) and cheered on both teams with the upmost gusto."

A massive thank you to everyone who volunteered their time to make today a great spectacle. We appreciate you all massively! This game took an awful lot of planning and refining but we have learnt so much from it and created a template for how to showcase men’s netball moving forward. If you weren’t able to make this game be there for the next one because if it’s anything like today it will definitely not dissapoint.

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