• Declan Kohl

Titans back to training!

While we are still not allowed back on court yet, Northern Titans have wasted no time in getting back to small group training once we were authorised to, at the start of July. After a lengthy lockdown period, getting back into some outdoor skills session and (more recently) gym work has been a welcome re-addition to the players' routine.

The addition of a new strength and conditioning session to our training programme has been great and we'd like to give a huge thanks to MetCon Leeds and Oliver for providing us with a great training tool. We even dragged along some of our family and friends to share some of the pain (which it is safe to say they weren't thanking us for after!). The team got put through their paces and we look forward to keeping this up in the future. Grass skills sessions have allowed us to keep sharp and regain fitness as we look forward to a return to court once it is safe to do so. Thanks to our coaches, Della and Taryn, for making these fun and challenging trainings.

Returning to small group training has also allowed us to reconnect with each other after nearly four months. Going from seeing each other up to 3 times a week, to nothing, was definitely a strange adjustment and it has been great to be able to see one another again. We hope everyone is staying safe and well, and we can't wait to see everyone out on court again soon!

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